Brokers and Agents Disclosure Mediation and Arbitration

California Mediator and Arbitrator Handling Real Estate Agent, Broker Disclosure Disputes

A key question when real estate brokers and agents fail to disclose property defects as the law requires is this: was the failure malicious and deliberate, or simply negligent?

If you are in need of assistance because a broker or agent did not use the specified transfer of disclosure document, contact attorney Steven Cohen of Cohen & Associates in Santa Monica, California. Contact me to schedule a consultation regarding mediation or arbitration your or your client's broker or agent disclosure dispute.

I have over two decades of experience and the qualifications to mediate or arbitrate when your broker or agent did not reveal material facts such as the following:

  • Foundation has cracks
  • Roof was leaky
  • Neighborhood issues affected desirability
  • Hillside property issues

Cohen & Associates uses the following litigation alternatives in cases of alleged broker or failure to disclose material defects:

  • Mediation with a mediator who acts as facilitator, evaluator or some combination thereof
  • Arbitration with an arbitrator who makes a binding decision after all evidence has been weighed and balanced
  • Hybrid alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods including mediation-arbitration and arbitration-mediation

Learn about the key components of the mediation or arbitration process in a case of alleged failure by a broker or real estate agent to disclose facts affecting habitability or desirability of real estate. Did the broker know? Did the real estate agent know? Did he or she follow due diligence in discovering and disclosing known defects?

Call or e-mail Cohen of Cohen & Associates when a broker or real estate agent did not disclose essential material facts in the context of a purchase-sale transaction of a single-family home, multiple-family home office or commercial property.