Practice Areas:  Mediation, Arbitration, Expert Witness Services

Santa Monica, California, Attorney Handling Arbitration/ Mediation in Real Estate and Construction Matters

Cohen & Associates is first and foremost a mediation and arbitration law firm. We provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods to individuals and their counsel. To learn more about our practice areas listed below, go to the particular Web pages about each one. To schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney/mediator/arbitrator, contact attorney Steven Cohen. I welcome the opportunity to listen and provide preliminary evaluations of your legal matters such as the following:

His areas of expertise include the following:

  • Mediation: Through the active participation by both sides with a mediator of Cohen & Associates, arrive at neutral, creative solutions and options leading to settlement of alternatives to litigation.
  • Arbitration: In construction and real estate matters, arbitration is a major means of settling disputes. In many construction and real estate purchase contracts, an "arbitration clause" is designated as the preferred method for resolution of disputes between the parties to the contract.
  • Probate Matters: Judge Cohen Mediates and Arbitrates Probate matters.  He has successfully brought probate matters before the Court of Appeal.  He understands the needs of beneficiaries and the need to quickly distribute and promptly resolve probate matters before legal costs get out of control.  Distribution of an estate can be resolved through Mediation or Arbitration and exorbitant legal fees can be avoided.
  • Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage: Dissolution of marriage has to be one the most difficult and emotionally painful legal processes one can experience in life. This is especially true when children are involved. We can help. The key reason to utilize mediation is to give you, the divorcing couple, the ability to take back control over your lives, bring closure to the divorce and move forward toward creating a new life.
  • Real Estate Transactions: Contact the law office of Cohen & Associates to schedule an initial consultation regarding any of the following: broker's standards of care and duty, condominium association's duties, seller's nondisclosure issues, breach of contract, negligence, broker's commission disputes, property management matters and other real property issues.
  • Brokers and Agents Disclosure: In a case of alleged failure by a broker or real estate agent to disclose facts affecting habitability or desirability of real estate, examine the key questions: Did the broker know? Did the real estate agent know? Did he or she follow due diligence in discovering and disclosing known defects? Was a proper due diligence inspection conducted?
  • Seller Disclosure: Seek justice through alternative dispute resolution in cases of alleged misrepresentation or non-disclosure by sellers in real estate buyer-seller transactions. These issues often relate to the Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS). Contact me, attorney-mediator and arbitrator Steven Cohen of Cohen & Associates in Santa Monica.
  • Construction Disputes: At Cohen & Associates, attorneys act as mediators and arbitrators in construction disputes and construction contract disputes involving one or more opponents. Law firms representing the various parties are advised on the most effective and expedient method and style of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Construction Defects: Attorneys of Cohen & Associates serve as mediators and arbitrators in construction defect disputes involving water intrusion, alleged design defects, balcony or deck failure, roofing problems, foundation issues, drainage defects, stucco staining or cracking and other general areas of construction. In addition to being a dispute resolution practitioner, Steven Cohen holds a General Contractors and Electrical Contractor's license.
  • Expert Witness Services: I have provided litigation support and have testified as an industry expert witness in the areas of construction defects, real estate standards of care and duty and property management standards of care and duty for the past 22 years.
  • Insurance Related Matters: I understand the importance of preventing escalation of a legal dispute when the costs may outstrip any benefit of litigation. I aim to enable clients to resolve insurance-related disputes in creative, practical, mutually beneficial ways. I am also a provider for the California State Department of Insurance mediation panel.
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes: Landlords and tenants both have much to lose by taking a dispute to court. Regardless of the outcome, relationships can easily be destroyed in the litigation process. Resolution of disputes can be applied much more efficiently and cost-effectively through use of alternative dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration.

Call or e-mail the law firm of Cohen & Associates in Santa Monica to speak with our case administrator and find out more on how to reach a lawyer who can serve as mediator, arbitrator or expert witness in real estate and construction disputes.