Real Estate Transactions Mediation and Arbitration

California Real Estate Transactions Mediation and Arbitration

You may need legal assistance regarding a real estate transaction such as the following:

  • Buyer-seller agreement
  • Refinance
  • Lease
  • Partition
  • Resolution of easement and adverse possession situations

When a transaction doesn’t go as planned, you may need a California real estate mediation attorney to facilitate a successful resolution. Contact the law office of Cohen & Associates to schedule an initial consultation regarding any of the following: broker's standards of care and duty, condominium associations, seller's nondisclosure issues, breach of contract, negligence, broker's commission disputes and other real property issue. Cohen & Associates helps clients deal with organizations through mediation and arbitration including the following:

  • Homeowners' associations
  • City councils
  • Architectural review boards
  • Zoning administrators
  • City government officials

Your real estate transaction dispute may require mediation and/or arbitration as a means to resolution, as in the following circumstances:

  • The California Association of Realtors, as of 1994, the C.A.R. adopted the use of a contractual mediation clause in their residential purchase contract (Deposit Receipt). This means that any disputes involved in the purchase of one to four residential units, whether homes or apartment buildings, must go to mediation first, before arbitration or litigation.
  • The Civil Code Section 1354 (Enforceable Equitable Servitude; Alternative Dispute Resolution) requires that all claims up to $5,000 in value other than association assessments must be submitted to mediation or arbitration prior to the filing of a civil action by a condominium association.

Through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, we lend empowerment to the disputing parities in real estate transactions. Contact Cohen & Associates in Santa Monica, to schedule a consultation.